The art of brazilian renaissence lace.

What we Do

We sell renaissance lace turned into unique and modern products, created by artists and designers from Brazil

How getting regular orders for our lace artists? This is the question we had in mind. We had to turn lace into a contemporary object. Put the lace into a frame, imagine fetish objects, create modern design with 200 years old stiches and even ask some famous designers to create lace pieces with our artists: to put lace into our day to day life so that the lace artists have enough work to earn a decent living thanks to their art.

The technique

Keeping a delicate and beautiful lace technique alive and helping groups of lace artists to earn a decent living

The lace Renaissance consists of a pattern on which the outlines of a drawing are marked. The pattern is put on a support, a cushion in Brazil. The laces are hand stitched on the outline of the drawing and gathered thanks to different points made with a needle and a cotton yarn.
The journey of lace
It is extremely difficult to track the history of the lace Renaissance in Brazil for different reasons, among which  it is an art exclusively  developed by women and in a very chauvinist society it is not so easy  to speak about the female world. This is a women history. Another reason is that most of the lace artists were not able to go to school so there is no written testimonials about the lace history. It is an artistic technique that has been taught between women. We know that Renaissance lace art has started in Brazil around 1823 when the Portuguese nuns have been replaced by the French ones that were dominating this technique. They were making some lace pieces for rich people and sometimes they had to ask for the help of local people. This is how the lace art started to go out of the convents and has been widespread in the region of Cariri, State of Paraíba thanks to Maria Pastrora and Elza Medeiros. These women had understood that thanks to lace art they would improve the day to day of their community. This technique consists in a very big amount of delicate different points around a lace and all points are done with a needle. There is an infinity of possible design with this technique and this is the reason why we believe that this renaissance lace can be the most contemporary one. We invite you to see it in our collection.
Our mission is to offer products with a soul as well as sustainable characteristics and no slave work. The valorization of hand made work underlines the affective side of our creations in a market lacking of differentiated products and creates long term and reliable partnerships.

About the artists

The lace Renaissance is not valorized locally. Only few Brazilian designers use it in their collections because it remains something difficult to organize and it can’t be on a large scale because it takes hours to develop such a delicate and 100% handmade work.

The lace Renaissance is not valorized locally. Only few Brazilian designers use it in their collections because it remains something difficult to organize and it can’t be on a large scale because it takes hours to develop such a delicate and 100% handmade work.. We aim at enabling the lace women to live from their art by giving them regular work. This is the reason why we offer different creations for all kind of lace lovers: wall art, appliqués to customize everything, cushions, tee-shirts and fetish objects. We are convinced that creating contemporary articles we will keep this ancestral technique alive. Some creations really tell the history and the reality of the lace women like the COVID collection or the house plans. They told us that lace art allows them to weave their dreams. This is the reason why we called our project “Rêves Entrelacés”.

Designers We Love

Designers with soul and Brazilian DNA, promoting craft and circular economy

We have chosen to promote the work of the designers we love because their work is the  perfect illustration that sustainability, identity and handmade perfectly combine with modernity. There is no other option to make fashion and design. Their creations have a soul and a history,  they respect nature and promote ancestral techniques in a contemporary envelope. 
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Sergio Matos

Sergio Matos

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Who we are

When João Pessoa meets Marseilles

Brazil and France, through the cities of Joäo Pessoa and Marseilles join with the single desire to create a network where the handmade work, in its very essence, is developed and distributed in a fair and positive way.  
Sabine Alegria
“Travel addict and eager at discovering new cultures, I found in love with Brazil after I did part of my post graduation in São Paulo and then a professional training in Salvador de Bahia. Founder and CEO of Tentation Bio, my first company, I am specialized in the creation of organic networks with groups of farmers worldwide, mainly in Brazil, Africa and India. This relationship with the farmers, made me discovered a cultural richness far from our European state of mind and made me understand the realty of the small farmers groups, that are creators and artisans too as they often live in self-sufficient farming communities. In Northern Brazil I have discovered the universe of the lace women and Romero Sousa that coordinates the project with the lace women explained me their tough reality. We are convinced that this extraordinary technique has to be kept alive and that our artists can live of their arts . This is how our project Rêves Entrelacés was born.”
Romero Sousa
“I was born in Recife, PE state, but I have always lived in the State of Paraíba so I believe I am a Paraibanese from heart. I am 58 years old, I am Art professor, stylist, fashion consultant and movie director. Sustainable craft economy, organic and modernity are characteristics that are part of my work. Inclusive work, from groups, associations or non governmental associations that aim at mutual benefits,  have always attracted me. Rêves Entrelacés gathers all my professional and personal desires: to offer and manage a project that valorizes the Human Being and which aims at the magnificence of the “hand made “ thanks to pure and authentic work. From the  Renaissance lace women of Paraíba we create a network of propositions with different spaces of our planet earth.”

We work with

Rêves Entrelacés has been working exclusively with global brands in the design, art, decoration and fashion industry 

We want to offer our clients special products, handmade, with ancestral techniques, but where luxury and sophistication, with an unquestionable modernity, are obvious. We offer our know how to fashion industry and designers that want to keep tradition alive and that put the artists in the center of their creation.