The art of brazilian renaissence lace.
Ana de Jour

Delicate and timeless silk clothes for women of now.

Ana de Jour was born in 2015, by the heart and mind of stylist Ana Paula Figueiredo, a former art director with over 20 years of experience in some of Brazil’s biggest ad agencies. The brand focuses on pure silk dresses, with delicate and handmade details. Since it’s been created , Ana de Jour have been winning the hearts of more and more brazilian women who look for elegant, romantic and timeless fashion design that also respects sustainability.

Brand’s concepts:

Feminine: for a contemporary and global but also romantic and delicate woman. The design and the lightness of the fabrics value the beauty of all kinds of bodies.

Handmade: Each detail is made to be unique. With crafted finishings such as handmade ruffles, lined buttons and traditional Brazilian embroidering.

Timeless: we value essence over tendency. Each piece is design to survive the style of the season and is produced to last a lifetime.

Sustainable: we look for sustainability in all our production chain. We use natural certified fibers, specially silk. Our production is on demand to minimize waste. We are slow fashion, with smaller annual collections and a permanent catalog. We respect and value the time and work of our collaborators and suppliers.

We use certified fabrics from our suppliers. All silk and crepe come from Werner, Brazil’s biggest silk manufacturer, and have Standard 100 certification by Oeko-Tex. The liocel from the linings come from Austrian manufacturer Lensing and are bought from G-Vallone.